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And now, the time is near

by Thomas Macklin on 04/25/10

Game over. It's time to shell out the down payment on the cemetary plot.

First, there was the excitement of getting a magic set for Christmas when I was eight. Later on, it was the anticipation of the group Chicago coming out with their second album (Yes, I'm that old.) As I matured, it was checking out the new Dodge Challenger at the showroom. And not that long ago, it was buying my first desktop computer.

Today, I got excited about a TV ad from the Publix supermarket chain. They're having a Spring Cleaning Sale featuring all of their household cleaning products. No really, I actually thought of hopping in my Hyundai Accent - I'd probably listen to NPR on the way - and dart down the road in hopes of filling up a cart full of Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge, Pine Sol, Tidy Bowl - and if I really went crazy - maybe a new broom and mop.


Shoot me now. What else do I have look forward to? Should I go with the generic adult diapers or spring for the more "sporty" Depends?

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