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Junk-food Junkies

by Thomas Macklin on 03/29/10

Our nation's best are at it again. Crack scientists spending endless hours and untold amounts of money unearthing nature's best held secrets.

In this case, our thanks go out to Paul J. Kenny, Ph.D. at Scripps Research in Jupiter, Florida. That's right - Jupiter. I know that when I think of cutting edge science, I think Jupiter.

Anyway, Paul (can I call you Paul) just published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, the fact, or possible fact, that.....drum-roll please.....Fatty foods may be addictive.

I'm sorry, I should have asked you to sit down before hitting you with such startling info. And if you could, please keep it between us. The Russians are years behind us in this research.

So, it went down like this:

Paul and his buddies studied three groups of rats for forty days and forty nights. (No mention of any rain involved)

Group one ate rat food. Group two at bacon, sausage, frosting, and other fattening foods for one hour a day. Group three was allowed to pig out on the food for twenty-three hours a day - We refer to group three as the Carnival Cruise Group.

The results: The Carnival rats got fat.

No, really! They did! Who would have thunk?

And, in addition to getting fat, the rats' brains changed. The massive amounts of high-fat, high-caloric food affected their brains in the same way as cocaine and heroin.

Now I'm thinking that I may have to join OA.

"Hello, my name is Tom, and I'm an Oreo-aholic."

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