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Orlando Sentinel Article

by Thomas Macklin on 06/08/10

Hey, my latest drival made it into the Orlando Sentinel this past Sunday. Have you seen the new Huggies denim jeans diapers? Check out my take by logging on to orlandosentinel.com   put in Tom Macklin in the search engine and it should pull it up. Let me know what you think. Tom

Comments (2)

1. Brandon said on 6/9/10 - 09:14AM
I agree. the preppy babies need some love too. Congrats on the Sentinel!!
2. Skip said on 6/15/10 - 12:40PM
Great piece, Tom .. laughed a lot .. this could be a bit from the Daily Show .. Do these Huggies make my butt look fat? haha .. Keep it up, man.

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