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Product Placement

by Thomas Macklin on 04/14/10

Grocery stores are not designed with the male shopper in mind. Guys just want to get in and get out. Bada-boom bada-bing.

The corner market would get a lot more bucko-bucks if they would place the products together that the virile gender uses together. For instance:

corn-on-the-cob, butter, and dental floss.

fried chicken, pizza, and heart defibrillators.

Hot Pockets, french-fries, and a Charmin twelve-pack.

cheap beer, pork rinds, and monster truck event tickets.

wine, Viagra, and e.p.t. kits.

You get the idea. If you come up with any of your own, send them my way. I'll forward them to the proper authorities.

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