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Who's there?

by Thomas Macklin on 04/15/10

I don't get text messaging. And when I say that I don't get it, I mean that I really don't get it. I never know who it is that's texting me.

No one ever signs their name. They just assume that I recognize their phone number. Heck, I don't even recognize my phone number. If I had to dial 911, I'd probably have to look up that number, too.

Also, if you do text me, be patient. I text slow. Really slow. And if I need to use a "s" or "z" my fat fingers have to hit those keys four times without accidently hitting another one at the same time. Yeah, my phone's that old.

I'm so slow that you'll be tempted to send a second text. Don't. That will only screw me up more. Now I don't know which of your texts to answer. Do I backspace and then start all over? I've already invested ten minutes punching buttons to write six words.

In conclusion, it might be quicker to just call me - and don't forget to leave your name.

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